Project OS


Manage your projects, clients, team and tasks all in one place.

With ProjectOS, you can easily keep track of your client information, pipeline, project timelines and team’s progress on tasks.

What's included?

🗂️ Project Management

  • Manage your projects of any size

  • View projects as a Kanban Board or Timeline

  • Write an effective 1 Pager Project Brief

  • Embed all your project resources in the project page

👥 Client Management

  • Manage your leads and deals

  • Set up your pipeline stages

  • Track client communication

👩‍💻🧑🏻‍💻Team Management

  • Save key info about your teammates

  • Assign tasks and track their progress

  • Individual views for each team member

  • Task Management

    • Breakdown projects into manageable tasks

    • Organize tasks in a Kanban Board

    • View them by projects, status or assignees

Focus on your work, not organizing your work!

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